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Lemon Law Testimonials

Information about the Louisiana Lemon Law, including when you are entitled to have your defective vehicle replaced or repurchased.

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Testimonials and Past Results

"Mr. Messer negotiated a fair repurchase agreement for my troubled vehicle in record time. He responded promptly to all of my questions, and was always a step ahead of where I thought we were in resolving the issue. While I hope no one else has vehicle troubles like I had, Rusty Messer is highly capable and personally recommended to take care of the problems for you."
Sarah S., Gonzales, LA - Result: Vehicle repurchase plus attorney fee.

"This law firm was great !!! We started the process in May of 2012 and was in a new vehicle in October of 2012. They were professional & updated me weekly on the progress of the negotiations. I would definitely recommend this law firm if I had any other automobile problems."
Ann M., Ponchatoula, LA - Result: Vehicle replacement plus attorney fee.

"I had a wonderful experience with this law office. They were very sympathetic to my situation. They answered every question I had without hesitation. When I would call Mr. Messer I could actually speak with him right then or he would return my call within a day. I would recommend this law office to anyone. If you are think you have a lemon please give them a call. Don't hesitate any longer don't the manufactuer keep telling you they can fix your vehicle. Give this law office a call. They will help you through this frustrating time."
Christy M., Ruston, LA - Result: Cash settlement.

"In November I started searching for a lemon lawyer. Now for those who don't know a lemon lawyer is free to the consumer, they charge the manufactor for their fee. I finally found one that would take our case, most don't know much about boats that are lemons. We suffered severe anquish and frustration, lost an entire summer and not to mention the countless trips to and from the dealership and the lies, we were lied to so much. Now in Louisiana the lemon law covering any and all recreation vehicles you are allowed to sue for personal loss of recreational time if your lawyer will see fit to do so."
Robert & Patricia A., Clinton, LA - Result: Full repurchase plus attorney fee.

"This law office is AMAZING!!! They worked hard to protect our rights as consumers, and Chrysler repurchased the lemon. We are truly grateful for the help Rusty, Jenny, and Robert gave to us. Thank you. " 
Amber P. & Michael W., Marrero, LA - Result: Full repurchase plus attorney fee.

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